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Whats New in Power BI - November 2021 from the team at Microsoft

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

[Source-MS Blog Nov 21]

The team at Microsoft has been hard at work delivering mighty features before the year ends and they are thrilled to release new format pane preview feature, page and bookmark navigators, new text box formatting options, pie, and donut chart rotation.

There is more to explore, please continue to read on or watch the video tutorial here:-


  • New Format Pane

  • Page and Bookmark Navigators

    • Page Navigator

    • Bookmark Navigator

    • Formatting options

  • Sort legend

  • Bold/italic/underline for text formatting

  • Text box super/subscript and bulleted lists

  • Pie and donut chart rotation

  • Scorecard visual

  • Update on tenant-level Bing Maps feature switch

  • Azure Synapse Analytics (New Connector)

  • Google Sheets (New Connector)

  • Azure Cosmos DB V2 (New Connector)

  • Delta Sharing (New Connector)

  • Google BigQuery (Connector Update)

  • Cognite Data Fusion (Connector Update)

  • Dremio Cloud (Connector Update)

  • Admin & governance

    • Datasets hub improvements

    • Azure Lockbox Support for Power BI

  • Power BI Goals

    • Goal level permissions

    • Power Automate Integration

    • Moving goals around the scorecard

    • Showing/hiding and moving columns

  • Use QR codes with URL parameters (Android and iOS)

  • Updated report filters (Android and iOS)

  • Power BI Embedded Gen2

  • Control embed token expiry

  • Support embedding a Power BI report that contains a paginated report visual

  • Explore your report in the developer playground

  • New visuals in AppSource

  • Editor’s pick update

  • Find report sample files easily in AppSource

  • Inforiver standard edition by Lumel

  • Drill Down Map PRO by ZoomCharts

  • Lipstick Bar Chart by Nova Silva

  • Charticulator (version 1.1.2)

  • Automatic Page Refresh now supports DirectQuery for PowerBI datasets and Azure Analysis services

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