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Are you sitting on a Goldmine?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Capitalise on 'whats new' in IBM Planning Analytics [TM1]

Technology Companies plough £££ investment money into the continuous R&D of their market offerings, such as IBM Planning Analytics, to ensure Customers can continue to grow and scale their planning capability, driving loyalty and extended agility.

Is it important that Companies stay enabled with the current, and latest product capability that is readily available within these existing product software and services agreements.

Often, the solutions you may be looking for, can reside in the latest version of an existing investment., and we often see new market approaches that are driven by this position.

As an experienced planning delivery and advisory service, we aim to keep our client's informed about new releases and capabilities, although time and resource can mean awareness and adoption of what's new, falls behind.

You've Got This? - What's new in IBM Planning Analytics?

With the latest release of IBM Planning Analytics, user's now have access to :-

  • Watson Intent analytics to complete and project forecasts using in-built AI.

  • Increased and automated collaboration, through flexible web sheet workflows.

  • Easy to use model development UX and browser-based server monitoring.

"When applied these new capabilities can significantly improve current model performance, encourage plan sharing on a broader scale and release time for new lateral planning developments across other business/service areas, income, services, workforce, supply chain and sales performance".

EnterpriseBI host our IBM 'Planning Goldmine' sessions to share the latest enablement and development across the IBM planning platform's, with our clients and contacts.
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