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Service charges for housing providers simplified with integrated planning

Take away the pain of excel hell and the task everybody runs away from. Let Enterprise BI take the strain of calculating service charges for your housing stock

Historically calculated in large, error prone excel models, accurately and fairly calculating service charges for tenants has always been a big issue for housing providers.

Add in issues with security of the data and an inability to collectively work on the data and you can see why service charges are a real source of pain for housing providers.

Step in Enterprise BI with IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1. Real time, powerful forecasting allows users to input minute detail and the impact will flow through the model instantly.

A web based front end ensures all users can input simultaneously with no locking or confusion.

Result was massive headaches removed with no excel models, all calculations performed by TM1 instantly in an intuitive front end. No mistakes, no delays and no hassle.

"Service charges were a real pain for us to setup and manage. Enterprise BI took away that pain and introduced performance, scale and reliability" – Housing

Get in touch today to see how we can take away the pain and build a reliable service charges model for your housing stock

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