IBM is pushing Performance Modeler as the tool of choice for creating TM1 objects.  The tool is being rapidly updated and is always shown as the tool in training videos and presentations by IBM.  It’s likely that only Performance Modeler will get updates and Architect will start to get left behind.

Rule Driven Links
Automatically generated rules and feeders from Performance Modeler are a little bit harder to decipher in Architect but it is possible.  You can update the rules area of Performance Modeler generated rules and feeders in Architect but there is the danger that Performance Modeler will overwrite them if the link is edited and resaved in Performance Modeler.
Personally I keep Performance Monitor rules and feeders ‘as is’ and I write manual rules in Architect above the Performance Modeler rules and feeders.  This seems to work quite well and thus it is possible to develop rules in both Performance Modeller and Architect.

Turbo Integrator
Using Performance Modeler to move data between cubes is very quick in Performance Modeler and takes seconds as opposed to hours with conventional custom scripting.  It is very intuitive but does generate a lot of TI code that can be frustrating to understand.  Again I don’t edit or try and understand the code generated by Performance Modeler.  Occasionally I have seen unexpected behaviour with Performance Monitor generated TI processes and had to use custom scripting in TI (the old way) but usually Performance Modeler is the best option.

There is no option other than Performance Modeler to create web planning applications with workflow for TM1.  The wizard is easy to understand and it’s very quick to build a planning application with workflow.  For this very reason I would advise all clients to install Performance Modeler.

It is possible to develop in both Performance Modeler and Architect simultaneously.   I like the speedy development of Performance Modeler generated TI processes but I prefer to code rules by hand as it looks neater and is easier to understand when debugging.  However I suspect I’m fighting a losing battle and the march of Performance Modeler isn’t stopping anytime soon.  With the exciting addition of TM1 Scorecarding to Performance Modeler – we’ll be doing all the development in this tool before long.

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