Data Services

Our data service solutions offer user choices for data provision, whether consumers are accessing trusted, structured or standardised reporting or simply want fast access to the data needed to satisfy more agile BI demands. With a huge rise in the demand by users for increased data access; often in relation to larger volume, sentiment or big data sets, we can meet these demands through multiple offerings across data curation (data virtualisation), data management (staging and schemas), data blending (agile ETL), as well as more structured data transformation tools (standard ETL).


Our consultants have a wealth of focused industry knowledge gained through experience and are keen to share this knowledge with our clients. We offer a flexible approach to our clients, working alongside key members of your team to providing resource and expertise when and where it’s needed.


We have developed training courses to ensure that your users have the skills and knowledge required to develop and use the Performance Management software. We offer on-site based training for a standard daily rate that is not related to the number of delegates.